Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

Recognizing the signs of illness in your cat early can help prevent illnesses from getting severe. Cats are very good at masking illness and it can be difficult to tell if your pet is sick. However, no matter how they try to hide it, there are always clues. It is up to you as a pet owner to recognize the signs and take action to get your pet some help before anything serious happens.

Drinking a Lot of Water

If your cat is not the type to drink a lot of water throughout the day and they suddenly start to do this then something may be wrong. If you also notice that they are urinating in the litter box more often, then this could also be a sign something is wrong. When cats have diabetes they will start drinking water more regularly and urinating more often as well. If you notice that this is going on for a long period of time do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

Excessive Eating

You may think that eating less food is a sign that your cat may be ill. This is a correct assumption. When your cat loses its appetite and refuses to eat, this is definitely a sign that something is wrong. However, if your cat goes in the opposite direction and is constantly eating when it didn't before then something may also be wrong. Unusual increases in appetite can be due to hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or an endocrine disorder.

Communication has Changed

How often a cat meows is subjective. Some cats meow often while others do so infrequently. One thing is for sure if you noticed that your cat is meowing a lot more than they normally would or if they suddenly go quiet something is wrong. The key here is to think about your cat's normal behavior. If you begin to see extreme variances outside of what they normally do then something could be wrong.

Bad Breath

If you try to snuggle your cat and notice that their breath has a foul odor, there is something wrong. Cats can get periodontal disease. While bad breath could just be a sign that your cat has a dental problem, it may also be a sign of something else. For example, if your cat's breath smells like ammonia it could be because they have kidney problems. Their kidneys may not be filtering waste products very well.

Paying attention to your cat is the quickest way to spot any signs of illness. It is best to take your cat to the vet immediately if you see anything that causes you concern. Contact a clinic like Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic for more information.

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