Keeping Your Cat Stress-Free During A Vet Visit

Cats would be happy to spend all their days at home in their usual routines. Unlike dogs, they don't like going for rides or looking for new adventures outside of their territory. Therefore, visits to the vet can be even more stressful for them than for dogs. However, you need to take your cat to the vet at least once a year. Find out how to make those visits less stressful for your cat.

Familiarize Your Cat with the Vet

Many pet owners only bring their cats to the vet when necessary. This practice makes sense because, as noted, cats don't like to just go for rides. However, cats react best when they're in familiar surroundings. Ask your vet if you can stop by with your cat just so she can sniff around. She won't be as stressed next time when you have to take her for a medical appointment.

Accustom Your Cat to the Carrier

In a similar vein, your cat will start associating the carrier with vet visits if that's the only time she encounters it. She'll probably struggle to even get into the carrier. If possible, leave the carrier out all the time. Even better, feed her in the carrier sometimes or entice her with catnip. That way, when you have to put her in for the trip to the vet, she won't be nervous about the carrier itself.

Use an Appropriate Carrier

The carrier itself is important. Experts recommend a hard carrier with a top-loading door. The top-loading door makes getting your cat in and out easier. The carrier also needs to be big enough that she can stand and turn around but not so big that she'll be rattling around inside while you transport her. Add cushioning at the bottom for her comfort.

Add a Comforting Item to the Carrier

In that vein, add something else to the carrier that will comfort your cat. That comfort item can be a favorite toy or a pad she likes to sleep on. You can also add some catnip to the padding at the bottom. Additionally, some holistic stores sell a synthetic pheromone spray which simulates the scent cats rub against you and each other to reinforce bonds. They find the scent comforting.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Cats are empaths. They take cues from you. If your cat senses you're nervous or anxious, those emotions will add to her own stress. It's natural to feel nervous if you're taking the cat to the vet for a medical issue. But try talking to her calmly so that maybe your own nerves calm down, too.

Try the above tips for a stress-free visit to the vet. Try to find a vet center, like Norwin Veterinary Hospital, in close proximity to your home. 

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